Visit Top 3 FIFA world cup host cities

Splendid view of Fortaleza

Splendid view of Fortaleza

The world is going gaga over the FIFA world cup. The June- July, 2014 is the time of the year where tons of Brazilian cities will be having the exclusive opportunity of hosting the World Cup FIFA 2014. Here is the list of places that you must visit while your stay in any of the FIFA world cup host cities. The article will take you on a tour of do-not-miss sights, best places to eat and the most essential one- where to watch the matches.

  1. Fortaleza:
  2. It has a coast line of about 20km with 3.6 million people. Much of Fortaleza’s population resides on the high tidal shores. Just as the people in Fortaleza work hard, they play hard as well. This is the best stop for having a relaxation time on the sunny beaches and for surfing on on the blue dramatic seas. The Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura is an excellent cultural and entertainment center, but Fortaleza is famous for the beaches. The best in the city is Praia do Futuro. The Albegaria Hostel in Iracema Beach could be your favorite. They have great facilities and a friendly English-speaking owner. For a French Brazilian atmosphere, hit the Hotel La Maison. The luxurious Hotel Luzeiros is Ceará’s first design hotel and remains Fortaleza’s best balance of hip and hospitality. Places like Coco Bambu and Colher de Pau are the best in town for top regional northeastern cuisine, especially baião de dois (a kitchen-sink mix of rice, beans, sun-dried meat, herbs and spices). Fortaleza beaches are famous for megabarracas. Crocobeach is one such massive beach bar. If you want to try some indoor games, visit Boteco Praia. The 67,000 capacity Arena Castelão was the first of Brazil’s World Cup ready stadiums to be completed and it sits about 11km inland.

  3. Natal:
    Breezy Natal isn’t sexy, but a little R&R in the sands of a sun-drenched city never warranted any complaints. The large expanses of towering dunes that surround the city, especially in Ponta Negra, are easy on the eyes and only bested in height by a long bevy of beachfront condominiums that many of the well-to-do call home. One of the oldest Portuguese forts in Brazil is Forte dos Reis Magos. The 3km-long Ponta Negra beach in the south of the city ends at Morro do Careca, a towering sand dune that empties into the sea like a massive playground slide for giants. Hotels like Republika Hostel and Albergue da Costa in Ponta Negra will nicely fall into your budget. Great budget dishes abound at Casa de Taipa, where a cheap Brazilian staple, tapioca crepes, is turned into a gourmet treat. The new and ultra-modern 42,000-seat Arena das Dunas sits halfway between the city center and Ponta Negra.

  4. Recife:
  5. This place is full of historic center, rich music and art and Brazil’s best carnival is seen here. Its nearly four million residents dance to their own drum – the percussion-heavy beat of maracatu – from the high-rise housing blocks of the bold and beautiful along the beach in Boa Viagem to the narrow streets of Recife Antigo. For the best hotels with a good budget, try the Cosmopolitan Hostel, Pousada Casuarinas and Olinda. These hotels have great 18th century architecture which attracts many travelers. Parraxaxá is a fabulous por kilo for excellent regional cuisine, while Chica Pitanga ( turns the pay-by-weight lunch into a gourmet experience. Olinda’s Oficina do Sabor, and its signature shrimp, lobster and passionfruit-sauce-stuffed pumpkins, is a regional gourmet treat. Built from the ground up, the 46,000 capacity Arena Pernumbuco is 20km from the city center in the western suburb of São Lourenço da Mata.