Must Visit Turkey

Located in the Middle East, Turkey is the cozy Mediterranean territory where the European needs seek shelter under the Asian rituals. Although the political conditions are not stable, one can still plan for a short visit to explore the exciting things to do in Turkey. Its Mediterranean shore is fully adorned with the historic Greco-Roman town like Ephesus, while its interior is decorated with rocky plateaus and cultural towns. The capital itself is the hub of many things to do in Turkey – Byzantine churches as well as the Ottoman palaces and mosques. However, in this article, we will focus on the 3 most exciting things to do in Turkey.


Above all, exploring the site of the terraces of Pamukkale is a must for all those visitors coming here for the first time. These glimmering white terraces are simply incredible wherein the resulting hot springs emitting carbon dioxide form limestone shinning deposits. Each layer is filled with water, but you just cannot climb it because it is a protected site. The entire view is so serene and captivating that it seems as if you are in some heaven on Earth. To reach here, catch a train from the capital, Istanbul to Denizli from where you then need to go by road.


After this, just drive for some minutes and you will reach the site of the Hierapolis ruins. Flanked by Byzantine walls, the relics are of the Roman era city that had been destroyed because of the earthquakes in 17 AD. Here, you will love to see a complex of Sacred Pool, a basilica, a colonnaded street, nymphaeum – a fountain, Temple of Apollo, the holy cave of Plutonium, theatre, Roman baths, and the Martyrium of St. Philip. In the sacred pool, you can take a unique opportunity to swim among the old artifacts that include the marble columns of the Apollo


Trekking is the one of the most loved activities here. Do so on the 500 km Lycian Route stretching from Antalya to Fethiye. On this excursion, you will be surely rewarded with some mind-blowing vistas. One more route is in the nation’s northeast, which leads to the Kackar Mountain.