A list of top 10 tourist attractions in London

The city of London has many tourist attractions that are affordable as most of these places are free. London has many royal locations like The Mall. Famous churches like St. Paul Cathedral are located here. Outdoor attractions include Regents Park and Hyde Park. Sightseeing spots include Big Ben and The Shard. If you are planning a trip to U.K, you must visit and explore the top 10 tourist attractions in London, which are as follows.

National gallery
National Gallery is the main attraction of Trafalgar Square. The gallery is very huge and it has a vast collection of paintings. Here, you will find paintings from olden times from the thirteenth to nineteenth century. The gallery has paintings made by Van Gogh, Renoir and Botticelli.

Buckingham palace
Buckingham palace is the place where the Queen of London lives. The palace is open to the visitors in summers. You can go around the palace and see its majesty. The State Rooms of the palace are adorned by famous paintings made by Rembrandt and other famous painters.

The Mansion house
The Mansion House is the place where London’s Lord Mayor lives. Built in eighteenth century, this house has excellent reception rooms. The house has huge vaults made of precious metals like gold and silver. The banquet hall of this house is superb. The visitors can explore the house and move around it with the in house guides.

Royal opera house
Royal Opera House organizes opera performances. These performances are created by famous opera composers. The opera performances have the best singers performing in it such as Anna Netrebko and Jonas Kaufmann. The best musicians give their programs in this opera house.

Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds is the place where you will find wax figures of the most famous people from the whole world. You will be able to see the wax replica of Shakespeare and Usain Bolt. This place has figures of celebrities from the fields of politics, sports, films, music world and royalty. You can click photos with the wax figures.

Tower bridge exhibition
Tower Bridge Exhibition is a place where you will learn the method of working of the Tower Bridge, situated in the river Thames in London. The exhibition gives you knowledge of history of this bridge. This is done in an entertaining way through interactive displays.

St. James park
St. James Park has lake and wildlife sanctuary. You will get a chance to see ducks, waterfowls, pelicans and swans here. The park has lot of greenery. You can sit in the park with food and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The park looks beautiful with blooming flowers in the spring season.

British museum
British Museum has collection of things belonging to prehistoric times and the modern era. Works from the whole world are exhibited here. You will get a chance to see Rosetta stone and Egyptian mummies. There is no cost for entry to the museum but you may need to buy tickets for attending the special exhibitions held in the museum.

Westminster abbey
Westminster Abbey offers you a chance to worship as it a church. You can attend the daily services in the church. You can visit the church regardless of your faith. This is the right place for people who are seeking God. The choir songs of this church are famous.

National portrait gallery
National Portrait Gallery exhibits collections of portraits in the form of oil paintings, photos and caricatures. The portraits of royal people, musicians, celebrities, politicians, scientists, soccer stars and artists can be found here. Enjoy the holidays at the top 10 tourist attractions in London.