A list of top tourist attractions in Rome

Civilizations of Rome have exerted great influence on the world history. People who visit Rome enjoy seeing the palaces, churches and monuments. You will find beautiful and ornate statues here. This place has rich heritage and most of its locations are cosmopolitan. The top tourist attractions in Rome are as follows.

Pelatine hill
Pelatine Hill has ancient sites, which are important historical places. It was an affluent area with the residence of important people of Rome in the ancient times located here. At present, this area has ancient sites, which attracts visitors interested in history. Palatine Hill has a huge stadium.

Roman forum
Roman Forum was the heart of Rome in the olden times. It is the place where processions and elections were held. People of Rome gave public speeches here. It was also a venue for commercial activities. At present, this place has architectural ruins. This area has some temples also.

Colosseum is a Flavian amphitheatre, which can adjust up to 50,000 people as audience. This place is built on the principles of Roman architecture. The Colosseum has elliptical design with an oval center. The public can tour some areas of Colosseum with guides only. If you plan to visit colosseum, you have to buy ticket and pay extra 8EUR.

Hadrian’s villa
Hadrian’s Villa is an ancient villa, which was an important place for Romans when Emperor Hadrian ruled in Rome. At present, this place has more than thirty buildings. There is swimming pool and maritime theater in this area. It takes three hours to go around and explore the villa.

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Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona is a square and shaped like Domitian stadium, which was a part of this area earlier. The stadium was a venue for sports events. It was a place where festivals were held. At present, many buildings are situated around the square. Three fountains are situated on the square. People sit to drink coffee and do shopping here.

Pantheon is a church, which was a temple in earlier times. It is an ancient monument with an unreinforced concrete dome. This place was a burial chamber in the times of renaissance. Tombs of some important people including kings and artists are situated here.

Spanish steps
Spanish Steps is an area consisting of many steps in which you have to climb steep slope. This place has one hundred and thirty six steps. At the bottom of the steps lie Barcaccia fountain. Church is situated above the steps. You will enjoy watching the city from this area.

Vatican museums
Vatican Museums is a place, which has important relics. Some attractions of this place are spiral staircase and Sistine chapel. The chapel has beautiful decorations. The chapel ceiling was painted under Pope Julius II. The ceiling is a part of painting by Michelangelo. The museums also have the Raphael Rooms.

Villa Borghese
Villa Borghese is a park, which is the favorite among lovers and joggers. The park is visited by locals as well as tourists. Many museums and galleries are situated near the park. Cinema Theater and amphitheater are located near the park. People do bike riding by hiring bike here.

Campo dei Fiori
Campo dei Fiori was a meadow in the olden times. At present, it is a public square and a marketplace. It is situated near the Piazza Navona. The market is an important place for farmers and fishmongers, who gather here to sell food items. Many palaces and churches are located near this area. Enjoy the vacations at the top tourist attractions in Rome.