Top 4 honeymoon destinations in Switzerland, Europe

Europe is one of the most popular destinations of the world for romance, no doubt. Lots of opportunities are there to fill sensual experiences in your honeymoon trip. Mind-blowing scenic beauty, historical sightseeing and pristine beaches add more elegance in your lovely romantic memories. Offering a wide plethora of honeymoon spots, Europe has become the most visited continent by romantic couples. The best thing to know about natural landscapes here is that they remain in your mind for lifetime. Know about the top 5 honeymoon destinations worth visiting in Europe –

St. Moritz
This beautiful hill station in Switzerland is surrounded by elegant snow covered peaks. This fantastic destination will definitely materialize your romantic fantasies as the place has friendly climate experiencing over 300 sunny days throughout the year. As St. Moritz is not densely populated, tourists get lots of chances to explore the place deeply and know more about the rich culture, watching eye catchy beauty. The reputed design gallery, glacier landscape and ice caves are some special things to see there.

One of the most attractive cities of Switzerland, Zurich has been emerged from the mouth of the Zurich Lake. This makes this city beautiful and worth visiting. Secondly, the Alps mountain series in the background of this city represent elegant scenes to store in memories to cherish forever. Art galleries and museums in the place add more attraction dotting every nook and corner of the city. Fabulous lake side beauty, high peaks and well designed churches together make a perfect place for honeymoon lovers.

Another city with elegant lake views, artistic churches with historical significance and fairytale towns in this Swiss village together make Lucerne the most happening honeymoon spot. Getting a vintage steamship cruise or riding in a Gondola to mount Pilatus is good idea for an adventurous experience.

Something different from lake side beauties and hilly scenes, Lausanne showcases tree hills and lovely sites to enjoy short walk holding hand of your better half. Vehicle free, green streets are there where you can fantastically imagine about walking through the field of gold. Roaming in Rue de Bourg is another idea to add breath-taking scenes during your honeymoon trip.

This rich combination of snow capped peaks and natural lakes enhance beauty of the south eastern border of the Swiss Valley. Honeymoon couples love boating here while opportunities for adventure sports like water skiing and wind surfing are also there. Spending an eve in luxurious yacht for a whitewater ride is also an excellent way to secure moments of intimacy with your partner.