A kingdom of snowy mountains, Ladakh

Idle? Got nothing to do? Then kick start your bike and ride along the grey mountains of Ladakh. In fact, July-August is the best time of the year to visit India’s unique kingdom of snowy mountains. If you plan on a trip to Ladakh, then here are a few places that you should see.

Leh, this place has the lowest level of oxygen. So because of the oxygen level and the weather conditions at this height, you will end up spending a day. Make sure you carry a first aid kit and all the necessary medications, just in case you make feel uneasy or uncomfortable with the weather. Since, Leh will be your first adventure at Ladakh, carry activities at a minimal rate. You don’t want to tire yourself out on the beginning of the adventure. Leh is about 1200km’s from Delhi and around 750km from Chandigarh. In case you are literally, kicl starting your bike, the road from Chandigarh via Manali is extremely beautiful. And for those who want to hit the spot soon, fly from New Delhi. The flight would be just an hour long.

Uleytokpo is just few hours away from Leh. If you are an adventure freak then this place will give you all the joy and merriment not theme park can ever give you. You can do river rafting down the Zanskar river. Zanskar river further meets the Indus and you can river raft until its point of confluence. This river rafting is no less than a workout. It has amazing five levels of zip zap rafting. And after the rafting, you can relax at Uley Ethic Camp.

And as the day sets, watch the beautiful sunset at Nubra valley which is situated on the sandy plains. If your legs give up, hop on a camel. This is one place in Ladakh that is simply untouched by the humans. Its a pure haven of nature. Further down you will be amazed by the deep blue waters of Pangong lake. This is the scenery of Ladakh to die for.

Hotel Grand Dragon at Leh is a comfortable hotel. It is not extremely luxurious but has the best front garden views. When at Uleytokpo, stay at Ule Ethnic resort. It has the best cottages situated on the cliffs of Indus. And when in Nubra valley, camp at Nubra Organic Retreat. Their theme is organic farming. They provide you the best organic food with comfortable tents.

And lastly, remember that the sun can be bad so carry some sunscreen. Also, the temperature at night drops immensely, so make sure you carry plenty of warm clothes.