Orissa: A Bag Of Mystical, Wild & Oceanic Adventure


Most people remember Orissa, a state bordering the eastern coast of India for the devastating cyclones and the more notorious Tsunami that has rocked its coastal belt severely. But what astute holiday makers hunting for exotic spots and locations know about Orissa is that there’s much to explore and discover in the sublime and exotic climes of Orissa. You have the temples that stand as towering buildings of architectural magnificence and then you have the beaches where the sand is clean and the winds offer excellent opportunity to surf. Orissa in fact has been the pioneer in sea surfing in India so if you happen to visit the subcontinent and are planning to get your surfing skills brushed up check out the surfing activities along the coast near Puri in Orissa.
Beginning with culture, catch the globally famous Catch dance festival that is organized in the Konark temple once a year in December. Lose yourself in the vibrant and creative crafts of the region at the traditional fete that’s part of the festival. The sun temple of Konark is a UNESCO world-heritage site. The ancient shrine boasts of exquisitely detailed and planned architecture that is enhanced by the intricate sculpting.
The Gahirmatha festival close to the Gahirmatha beach offers a captivating experience of hectic temple festivities that carry on the whole night. Devotees throng to the site with massive temple chariots but if you tire of all the gaiety there’s always the Gahirmatha beach flanked by the Bhitarkanika mangroves to head to. Buy exotic tribal jewelry when in Orissa and don’t miss unwinding from the holiday trips by making a trip to Chilka Lake where bird watching is a pleasure. The surroundings are tranquil and the locale is scenic.
A bus ride from the capital city Bhubaneswar can take you straight to the Nandankanan Sanctuary where the white tiger rules the forest. Find out if there’s a music-dance festival happening in Bhubaneswar- they are usually held in winter. Meanwhile you can take a city tour in Bhubaneshwar and check out the famous temples, close-by hills and caves close to city.
Puri also has some excellent and worth-a-visit temples notable amid which is the Jagannath Temple, an architectural splendor of Hindu religion. Drive toward Konark on the Marine drive and at a distance of about 30 minutes to an hour you’ll find different resorts dotting the coastline within and skirting the Balukhand wildlife sanctuary. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot the endangered and beautiful Olive Ridley turtles. What’s good is that the area is relatively un-crowded so the waters are unpolluted and beaches are extremely clean. Be prepared for some excellent glimpses of rural India along the route.
The Ramchandi beach that’s close to Ramchandi temple is a recommended site for picnicking and surfing fun. The casuarina forest grows into the beach making it an idyllic holiday spot. You’re likely to find small lagoons formed by the changing sand line. Swim across the waters or just sun-bathe on the sands overlooking the beach!