Malta an Ultimate Travel Destination in Europe

Malta 1Nestled at 58 miles from the Sicily Island in Italy, the Maltese archipelago forms the core of the marine navigation in the core of the Mediterranean. With no rivers or mountains here, the nature here resides in form of creeks, beaches, bays, and rocky inlets, which offers many exciting things to do in Malta. Besides, this island is also a historical hub whose roots date back to 3rd century B.C. So, the history lovers have a lot to do here like following St. Paul footsteps and exploring the citadels, palaces, and churches. In this article, you will be introduced to 3 interesting things to do in Malta.

History fans would love to explore Valletta where the past of the Malta Island is seen in its every nook and corner. Wonder at the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the splendid Maltese-baroque edifices on the Merchants Street, and the Grand Master’s Palace exhibiting the magnificent tapestries designed in the honor of Louis XIV as well as some remarkable armory items. Further, you can also keep aside some time for the museums namely, the Church of Our Lady of Victories, the National Museum of Fine Art residing in a palace, and the National Museum of Archaeology near Auberge de Provence.


One more historically reach city is Mdina, a walled town, where history and nature has much to offer. Take a tour of the ancient fortress, one of the beautiful testimonies of the olden days or go for the interesting Palazzo Falzon. If you would like to have some great vistas of the city and its flanking area, reach the Bastion Square where the scene of the St Paul’s Bay is just mind-blowing.


Want to go for night diving? Lead yourself to the Gozo Island that ranks second in the list of the largest islands in this archipelago. It is not only popular for diving, but is also known as the best shopping centre. It is a wise decision to buy some local crafts like laces from the streets and surprisingly from the houses’ entrance gates. If you come here in summer, then a fireworks festival and horseracing are not to be missed at all.