Make Most of Sun & Sand On Thar Desert: Visit Jaisalmer


It’s a city dotted with palaces and resplendent buildings reminiscent of the grand royal living of the Indian rulers. Settled in the sandy edges in Rajasthan- the desert state of India, Jaisalmer offers a vibrant and lively cultural extravaganza to bathe your eyes in. Holiday makers love visiting this Golden city that has narrow but cosy cobbled streets and adventurous corners where you can get some of the most delectable food delights of the region. It’s really dance and sun on the sands of the Thar Desert in the historical town of Jaisalmer that allures millions from across the world to its enchanting streets and sights. In Jaisalmer you’re likely to find yourself lost in the medieval charms of the yesteryears and find yourself enthralled by the cultural richness of the present day Rajasthan.
Waking up to the high sun and slightly chilly breeze of Jaisalmer one cannot but miss the towering presence of the Jaisalmer Fort. Fondly nicknamed the ‘Golden Fort’ this is not a vacated architectural building but a living fort where people of different origins inhabit various corners, just like the old times in 18th century India. Wake up early and catch the morning sun peeping through the turrets and carved edges of this yellow stoned marvel.
The winding paths inside the fort present sights of everyday marketing and a busy routine life for the locals. Markets are dominated with local food and colorful clothes, lamps, and other artifacts to take home. There are old homes called ‘Havelis’ located in different parts of the town but the one worth a visit is the ‘Patuon Ki Haveli’ that catches the eye for its intricate carvings and restored interiors. There’s shopping and also the local culinary delights to explore within the town. If you’re up to trying out the spicy Indian meat and other curries check out an eat-out called the ‘Slow Food Restaurant’ that actually serves food in 45 minutes to an hour but with the promise of using the freshest ingredients and preparing food for every table right after you order!
Also visit the Gadisar Lake that is surrounded by tombs and temples. The sunset on this spot with an umbrella-shaped tomb roof right in the center is a photographer’s delight. Close to the lake is a cultural center that organizes amazing puppet shows. Street vendors sell beautiful puppets around this location. Another site worth a visit is the Jain temple that’s actually dated back to the 12th century.
Jaisalmer’s most attractive tourist location- the Sam sand dunes are located 42 kilometers from the town. Drive over to the dunes and be transported back to the Arabian feel of vast stretches of sand. There are camel rides to be taken across the dunes that pull in a lot of crowd through the year. What’s more the dunes are host to festivals like the desert festival that takes place in February. Feel the exciting fever of camel races and folk performances in the festival. Alternately plan a trip to a nearby village- Ramdevra that comes alive with a vibrant fair and offers local stuff.