Leipzig One of the All time favorite Europe Destination

Leipzig central station, a key junction, was modernised after German reunificationLeipzig in Germany is the largest city in the federal state of Saxony in Germany. Known as the City of Heroes it is a hub of arts and culture and has had famous music composers like Richard Wagner, Bach and Felix Mendessohn. Tourists enjoy the performances of music during their travels. Earlier there was a St. Thomas Church here, which was eventually buried.

There are innumerable old churches, museums and old historical areas alongwith the Old Town Hall and the most impressive and magnanimous structures. The Napoleonic Monument is one such construction that is home to amazing architecture. Visit the Augustuplatz, which is located at the central campus of the university. This is incidentally the second oldest university in Germany and is home to the oldest botanical garden in Germany having one of the largest zoos in the country.


Home to many annual festivals, this is a world famous festive center and has some of the best attractions. The worlds largest Goth festival and the Bach festival are very famous and add to this the sight of the Christmas market and you have a shopper’s paradise. Tourists love to find many bars, pubs and dance clubs, which are in and around the city. You have the train, taxi and the bus for traveling. The place is situated in a transition zone and has a continental climate with the temperatures hovering around 30 Celsius and sometimes going below zero in winter. Snow usually remains in the ground for months and weeks.


Take a look at Volkerschalactdenkmal which is the biggest European monument and commemorates the Battle of Leipzig in the Napoleonic wars.


While visiting Leipzig in Germany you will surely come back with amazing sights of a fascinating land.