Langkawi An Ultimate Destination

Welcome to the true Malaysian gem! Langkawi, the island of 99 atolls along with 5 more seen during low tides, is designated as a Geopark by UNESCO. It is located at a distance of 30 km from the northern coast and enjoys warm weather even winter as it completely gets rid of the northeastern winter monsoon. Boasting rugged peaks, jungle foliage, and white sand beaches; the island has a lot to offer. MC43Mjk3MTMwMCAxMzc0OTQzMjE2XzUxZjNmN2YwYjI3NGM=


One of the exciting things to do in Langkawi is to trek at the Telaga Tujuh (Seven) Waterfalls very close to the famous cable car and Oriental village. Along the route to reach this site, there are seven natural pools that are legendary to bathe the fairies as per the legend. Even you can bathe in the pools that are accessible by a climb of 300+ steps that are slippery. Trek the 2500 m trail up the two mountains with slippers or hiking shoes(recommended) as there are vertical sections. Just note that these trails are not meant for families.


A visit to the Oriental Village is a must, which is an Asian-themed hamlet full of jugglers, restaurants, traditional music, silat displays, an exotic snake charmer, kite flying activities, portrait painting, and palmists. There is a sad elephant who takes you on a ride here. Alternatively, just hire a segway! Here, take a cable car ride atop Gunung Mat chinchang followed by a stroll on high Sky Bridge so that you can enjoy the vistas of not only the atolls, but also of the nearby Thailand. Do so only if the climate is good as there exists a steep zone. And yes, just check as to whether it is open. Do not carry eatables and drinks as that is not allowed. Alternatively, you can trek via the jungle from the parking lot at the above mentioned waterfalls if you are fit. Admission: RM30 and RM20 per adult and child.


One of the top things to do in Langkawi is diving and snorkeling in as well as around the Pulau Payar Marine Park for RM 120 to 200. To reach here, you will have to drive for 20 km. Next, do go for a 4-hour Mangrove & Limestone Cruise for exploring the forest of mangroves, old limestone projections, eagles, and kingfishers for 70-200 RM per adult. For a more private as well as affordable experience, rent a boat if you are more than 2 for 300 RM.