Lakshadweep: A Coral Paradise & Water Sports Haven


Think Lakshadweep, think spectacular! A little tropical island that’s nestled on the Arabian sea roughly 400 kilometers from the southern most tip of India Lakshadweep is just picking up in terms of tourism and adventure sports. The island is surrounded by unique ecology that the corals thrive on making it a sensitive and important ecological site of the world. The lagoon stretches to nearly 4200 square kilometers so there’s not just the mainland you’ll be visiting when you reach you’ll also have over 36 different and smaller islands of which 10 are inhabited, to pick from.

If underwater oceanic adventure is something you’ve been wishing to do for a while heading to Lakshadweep is a good idea. What makes this spot so inviting is the fact that while there’s history surrounding its rugged coasts there’s been little activity on it. The tourism has been quite limited in the past so the aquatic wildlife is extremely rich and rather untouched.

Till the early 60s there was no ship or movement to the islands and later the islands served only as the manning station for several weather ships. The islands are real tiny and there’s a limit to which it can host people so if you really want to go there you’ll have to plan bookings and coordinate travel in advance.

The important islands that you must plan on are the Bangaram and Kadmat. Agatti, Kalpeni and Minicoy are also equally good. There are a lot many water sport activities that have started up in these islands. If you’re an avid windsurfer you’ll love the windsurfing sessions along the pristine white coral shores of this island.

Reach Lakshadweep by a ship, air or smaller mechanized vessels and embark on a real deep-sea adventure! The waters are so clear that underwater view is simply stunning. Bangaram is surrounded by multi colored sea, eclectic in the shades of its underwater marine life. Kalpeni is the lagoon where you can go snorkeling close to the marine life or experience the thrills of going inches close to live corals by taking on diving in deep waters.

Deep sea diving is perhaps one of the best aspects of visiting Lakshadweep. The waters here are so rich in marine wealth it would be a waste of time not taking an underwater camera along! You get disposable one-time use underwater cameras on the mainland but it’s always better to invest in some specialized underwater equipment to take home memories of the marine ecology you’ll be encountering.

The calm waters of Indian Ocean on coast of Lakshadweep are excellent for diving and kayaking. Kayaks are available for hire and there are schools that train you in snorkeling or kayaking if you’re a first timer. Water sports can be quite exhausting so once you return it’s the sun kissed shores that are covered with coral sand- almost white in its spread and so magnificent it’s perfect for witnessing a sunset or a walk along the beaches to the nearest villages and mosques.