Know the top 10 tourist attractions in New York

The list of attractions in New York is very vast. It includes attractions like the Modern Art Museum and the Times Square. New York has good shops and restaurants, which attracts the visitors. The museums of this place have collections of art from the whole world, including Greek and European artworks. The Natural History Museum is a place where you can see the dinosaur fossils. The top 10 tourist attractions in New York are as follows:

The Statue of Liberty
New York is known for the famous Statue of Liberty. This structure signifies hope for people who immigrate to America for getting a better quality life. You can buy tickets for the seeing the statue online. Ensure that you have the tickets before you visit New York.

Central park
Central Park looks like a playground. You can do walking and running here. You can do cycling and play chess in this place. The place is good for ice skating and fishing. Kids love to play in this place.

Film Forum
Film Forum attracts people who love films. You can watch movies and documentaries here. It is a perfect place to watch foreign art cinema. The movies shown here are taken from the best film festivals held all over the world. The operating budget of this place is very big.

The Metropolitan opera
The Metropolitan Opera was started 128 years ago. It is an ideal place for artists, singers, musicians and choreographers from the whole world. This place attracts creative and talented composers, designers and dancers.

Empire state building
Empire State Building is a tourism architecture structure and it is among the tallest buildings in New York. If you reach the eighty-sixth floor of this building, you will be rewarded by a breathtaking view. A large number of people visit this floor to get this view so the visitors have to wait for their turn.

9/11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial is a place that was built to pay tributes to people killed in the September 11, 2001 when the terrorists attacked this area. It is also a place that honors people who were killed when World Trade Center was bombed in the year of 1993. This area has twin-reflecting pools surrounded by the memorial.

The Skyline
If you visit New York, you must see the skyline, which has awesome skyscrapers, monuments and bridges. You will get a chance to see some of the best waterways and islands with breathtaking scenery.

Broadway is a place in New York where many theatres are situated. The theatres in this place have many seats. The Majestic theatre is a musical house with beautiful interiors and design. The streets of Broadway are illuminated by electric lights. This place attracts the tourists as well as locals.

Times Square
Times Square is a place where you will find huge billboards that shine in the night, giving a day like look to the place. You will get a chance to attend star shows here. The streets of this place attract buyers who wish to buy art and jewelry. The Madame Tussauds Museum is located in this area.

Guggenheim museum
Guggenheim Museum is attractive from its exterior as well as interior area. The architecture of this place has a great design. It is a highly recognized building. The artwork of this museum is both modern as well as contemporary. These are the top 10 tourist attractions in New York.