Know the best places to visit in Spain

Spain is a European country that has many islands in its area. It is an ideal place for beach holidays. The attractions of Spain include wild landscapes and modern cities. You can enjoy walking tours in the cities of Spain. The cities have a vibrant culture and lifestyle. The art museums, bars and cafes of Spain attract the visitors, who have a great time here. The history and architecture of Spain are some other things that attract tourists. The best places to visit in Spain are as follows.

Madrid City in Spain has headquarters of many important international organizations like the WTO, SEGIB and PIOB. Headquarters of important Spanish organizations are located here. The city has many museums, art galleries, nightlife spots, cafes, churches, plazas, streets and snack joints.

Toledo was the capital of Spain up to the sixteenth century. It is said that the population of this area consists of 3 cultures – Jews, Christians as well as Muslims. At present, this place is known for its historic art. Toledo is famous among the tourists for its Roman architecture.

Ronda town has the famous bridge Puente Nuevo. A historical bullfight known as Corrida Goyesca is held in Ronda. The city is accessed by road and rail. The El Tajo Bridge in Ronda has breathtaking scenery. The view of surrounding areas is spectacular.

Valencia City in Spain has historic center, which has many old monuments. This place has many cultural attractions. Valencia has many monuments including the Valencia Cathedral. The city has an entertainment complex. Museums in the city have many paintings made in fourteenth to eighteenth centuries.

El Rocio
El Rocio in Spain is a sandy area. This village is small and has cottages. This place has church stockade, which is the center of pilgrimage fair. People from all over the area come on horseback with ox carts beautifully decorated. A procession is held in which people dance and party.

San Sebastian
San Sebastian is a seaside city. Visitors love to enjoy in the beaches of this area. The coastal city is known for international film festival held here. Many cultural events are organized in the city including events of music and theater. The city has excellent culinary tradition.

You must visit Barcelona city in Spain. The city has many museums, parks, architectural buildings and boulevards. You must visit the Ramblas street and Barrio Gotico Street. Barcelona has world heritage sites like Park Guell and Casa Mila.

Cuenca town in Spain has many attractions like the Cuenca Cathedral, which is made in gothic style. The town has Saint Peter Church, which has octagonal shape in the external area but its interiors are circular. Another attraction of Cuenca is the Saint Michael Church. Some other tourist attractions in Cuenca are Saint Paul Bridge, Seminary, Bishop’s Palace, The Castle, Mangana Tower and the Hanging Houses.

Granada is a city that has traditional culture. You can enjoy a lively nightlife in the city. Granada has Alhambra, which is an architectural building that displays Moorish art. The University of Granada is famous in Spain. Some other attractions of Granada are The Generalife, Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Albayzin, Sacromonte and Charterhouse.

Salamanca city in Spain is a world heritage site. It is a university city that has attracts a large number of students from the whole world. The city has many squares, religious buildings, public spaces, university buildings, palaces, museums and palatial houses. The city is one of the best places to visit in Spain.