Know the best places to visit in Germany

Cathedral of Cologne and Hohenzollern bridge.  Cologne, Baden-Wurttemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Germany is a country situated in the west central part of Europe. The Alps Mountains are situated here. Forests and lowland area covers the country. The alpine region has many glaciers. The climate of this area is temperate seasonal. The country has a large number of national parks and zoos. The Oktoberfest festival of this country is famous all over the world. You can enjoy the lively parties and beautiful scenery in this region. The country is known for its historic sites. Many fairytale castles are located here. The best places to visit in Germany are as follows.

Rugen Island
Rugen Island has charming villas. Situated on the Baltic Sea, this island has many seaside resorts that have a romantic feel about it. The island has beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy holidays. Jasmund National Park in this area has beech forest with a large number of chalk cliffs, which are situated at a height of 161 meters. You can enjoy windsurfing, surfing and kite surfing in the Rugen Island. The lighthouse in Cape Arkona attracts many tourists.

Cologne city lies on Rhine River. You can enjoy the nightlife in this city. This place has centers of arts and culture, which attracts the visitors. The Cologne Cathedral is a landmark of this area and it is a Gothic church. The city has a large number of museums and galleries, which display articles of graphics, sculpture and archaeology. The city organizes orchestra programs. Carnival festivals are hosted in the city. During this festival, people dress up in costumes while singing and dancing in streets of the city. The Kolsch beer is served in the city in all bars.

Lubec is a Baltic seaport and it is famous for its medieval architecture, which is of brick Gothic type. The buildings and streets of the city have a medieval look. The city is one of the world heritage sites. The city has sea resorts. The main attractions of Lubec are Saint Catherine church, Gunter Grass House, St. Lawrence church and the Salzspeicher. The historic sites of the city include the Town Hall and Thomas Mann house. The city is famous for marzipan production. Lubec has many cinemas and theaters.

Munich is famous for its culture and opera houses. This is the place where the Oktoberfest originated. Oktoberfest is a beer festival in which huge beer tents are set up and people from all over the world gather here to taste beer and enjoy the local food. The city has many beer gardens and halls, where beer can be enjoyed the whole year. If you visit Munich, you must see the City Center. This center has a combination of classic architecture along with modern one. The city is famous for its historic churches. Royal palaces can be seen here. You can do shopping and enjoy nightlife in the city. There are many grand royal avenues in the city. Munich has two baroque palaces, which are the remains of Bavaria’s royalty that was present in this area in the olden times. The city has many research universities and science museums. This area has many lush green areas including the public parks. These are the best places to visit in Germany.