France: The Ideal Holiday Destination In Europe


Easy to access and a lot many things to see in, France is a country that offers an unbeatable experience in urban, arty, architectural and beachside fun. Visit the prehistoric cave paintings in Grotte de Lascaux or lose yourself in the enormous works of art at the museums, cathedrals and chapels. If this is not enough get to the wetland of Parc Naturel Interregional du Marais Poitevin or just enjoy the many urban delights that cities like Paris have to offer! So where, really should you start from? Surely the vineyards where you can get tipsy in the most wonderfully deep wines or numerous cafes that offers a palate of the famous French cheeses. Start with a wine tour and explore the wine of different regions amid which famous are provence, Grands Crus Classes De Graves, Bordeaux, Cote de Nuits, etc. If you’d rather check out the champagnes then Reims is a good place to start. It also has some of the most detailed cathedrals in Europe.

Eiffel Tower in Paris gets millions of visitors each day and if you’re in Paris there are many urban delights to see. Visit the Louvre to dive into preserved remnants of ancient European art, sculpture and architecture or head out to the Notre Dame cathedral. There’s the Musee d’Orsay Bridge, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe and Beaubourg neighborhood also to visit. Alternately you can drift through the waters of the river Seine or visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Move out of Paris and still there’s much to cover. The Chartres is a city that houses in its heart the finest French-gothic architecture in the Chartres Cathedral. This 13th century building has been very well preserved.

Offering a breathtaking view of the Atlantic coast at its summit the dune of Pyla happens to be the tallest sand-dune across Europe. It is located in Arcachon Bay and is flanked by a pine forest on the side. Palais Des Papes is amid the largest Gothic buildings across the globe and has a mysterious castle like charm. Most people count Versailles as the most preferred destination when in France and why not it has been the Kings official residence since the 16th century. Explore this city and the peek into early European culture that it offers. Second only to Versailles in popularity charts is the Chateau de Chambord. A masterpiece built during the French renaissance, the Chateau has a whooping number of 440 rooms overlooking a lake and sprawling grounds originally developed for King Francois I. Also take a break from the city and check out the tidal island of Mont Saint Michel that has the Norman Benedictine Abbey.

Once you’ve had enough of the French royalty and architecture take a refreshing dive into the Verdon river at the Gorge du Verdon where action awaits anyone up to activities like kayaking, sailing, rafting and water skiing. It’s the remarkably green-emerald shade of the water in this river that you’ll go home remembering. And if the ocean doesn’t do enough as a break from routine there’s skiing to do in Chamonix that throws you into the cold and snow covered slopes of French Alps.