Five Things not to do in Brazil during World Cup FIFA

The South American nations are busy preparing for the forthcoming FIFA, 2014 where thousands of football fan flock in Brazil just to get the glimpse of their favorite team. Brazil is considered to be one of the friendliest countries in the world. But many a time the tourist commit major blunders while touring the place. So, here is a quick guide to avoid all the social mishaps that you may commit while you stay at Brazil. Before you set your foot out for traveling around the boisterous Brazilian territories, here are the five things not to do in Brazil, especially during FIFA.

  1. Be Patient:
  2. Things tend to move at a slower speed in Brazil. Be late is the way of life here. People are rarely on time here and you can easily observes this once you hit the grocery store or the ATM queues. If you are one of those who like things on time, quit that habit of yours the moment you set your foot on the Brazilian land. Just mimic the locals and take all the time to check your emails or play candy crush while you wait. One important thing is that when a Brazilian says, “estou chegando” (literal meaning- I’m arriving), it often means that they are still at home, but wish to arrive at some point.

  3. Avoid communicating in Spanish:
  4. Where the rest of South America speaks Spanish, Brazilian intend to speak Portuguese. Majority of the Brazilian also speak little English. So, just in case you don’t know Portuguese and don’t want to end up making a fool out of yourself, go for English rather than going Spanish. The Brazilian will understand your struggle with Portuguese and will definitely try to help you out rather than mocking you with your Spanish.

  5. Never root for Argentina:
  6. One can certainly cheer for their favorite team, provided they are not playing against Brazil. One of the most important things of the five Things not to do in Brazil is- Never cheer for the Argentina team. Brazil has a fierce rivalry amongst it’s South American neighbors. So avoid showing your love and admiration for Messi or his team.

  7. No flaunting of wealth:
  8. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are not only beautiful places to visit when in Brazil but also one of the highest crime rating cities. Tourist often fall prey to petty thefts. To avoid such encounters one could simply carry an inexpensive phone, could wear a cheap watch, keep the camera hidden when not in use, and most importantly back up your photos daily if you don’t want to risk losing precious memories. Also it is advisable to keep passports and credit cards securely at the hotel you are staying.