Discover the Natural Beauty Of Northern Ireland


There are different marvels in Northern Ireland but one is the most prominent- the Londonderry. The lone survivor amid the plethora of ancient walled cities that abounded this region Derry as its locally known is now the cultural hub of the region. Through the year there are different street parties and carnivals that bring this town that seeps with history alive which is why its now also UK’s first city tagged as the WorldHost, for its international standards of hospitality. Northern Ireland has however much more of a holidaymaker’s delights than these urban spots. Its really the land where forest parks and dreamily spread lakes conjoin with blue mountains. The pearl-white charm of Atlantic sands and the fishing villages cradling the shore are just the beginning.

The Peace Bridge is the new landmark of Derry. Designed over River Foyle it really looks like a handshake! Symbolically the bridge epitomizes the peaceful coming together of the city’s protestant and catholic population. Also check out Titanic Belfast which is a maritime museum built to resemble a boat-prow. You’ll love it if you’re a Titanic fan. The museum is built on the very site where the historic ship was built!

Derry apart, Belfast and Armagh are the other two historic cities. From Derry you can move on deeper into the countryside where the ground is higher and features dozens of old churches. There are field patterns distinctive of the past and numerous castles that though ruined still pull a crowd. You’ll love driving through the countryside in Northern Ireland where road conditions are remarkably good and options like carriageways and motorways available. Pack your picnic hamper and set off for a relaxing time on the smaller and less traversed roads that are surrounded with beautiful countryside. There are many who take their caravans on these routes and pitch up for the night.

What they wake up to is the fresh country air and colorful blossoms that make the effort worth it. If you’d rather the time stops and you lose yourself in the landscape this is the place to go! The only disturbances would probably be the clinking noise of bells on cattle herds or the occasional motor crossing by. Northern Ireland is really Golfer’s country and there is a whole setup of excellent courses and golfing links to get going on.

The Lough Erne is one of the lakes on British Isles and certainly the biggest. You can also sea fishing once you reach or drive to the Antrim coast where there are a host of water sport activities. Inland outdoorsy activities like pony trekking or cycling are also a good option. Once you’re done from here check out the traditional and heritage-marked village of Ulster. It’s a lovely old settlement with stately homes and overflowing gardens.

Don’t forget to visit the Giant’s Causeway- a picturesque and unforgettable destination that connects to the mainland through a long walk- almost 16 kilometers right by the Causeway coast and right across the Carrick-a-Rede rope-bridge. The Causeway is marked by huge hexagonally shaped basalt columns.