Cameron Highlands Travel Delights in Malaysia

Malaysia is a lovely land to be in and the pleasures of a beautiful travel locale beckons you as you enter this beautiful land filled with maximum delights. The Cameroon Highlands here are a great travel destination filled with the pleasures of a beautiful region having the ideal climatic conditions and tour experiences.

The smallest district in the Pahang state, the Cameron Highlands are situated in the north western part of the state. this is today a popular hill resort in Malaysia and has the best oftravel sights. This is a land which has the beauty of an English village and the charm of a mysterious paradise. This highland paradise is today an agricultural region where you get the best of fruits and vegetable farms and also would find the most extraordinary flowers too. A major producer of tea and flowers, the Cameroon Highlands is situated on the Titwangasa Range at a height of around 1500 metres above the sea level. It has four main townships and these are then followed by smaller regions at different heights. Ringlet is the first town here and then you have other towns like Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, kea Farm and Kampung Raja.

9406439-tea-plantation-cameron-highlands-malaysia Ringlet is the first town here and is situated at a height of around 1,200 metres above the sea level. It is a major agricultural area in the highlands. As you drive up the old road from Tapah, this is a beautiful town situated in beautiful surroundings. Bertam Valley is another fascinating region here that is located around 5 km away from this place. This is  a place where you get the best vegetable and flower producers. There are no hotels here  in Ringlet.

Then visit Tanah Rata which is another lovely locale here in Cameron Highlands and is around 12 kms from Ringlet. Most of the government offices are found here as this is the administrative capital of Cameron Highlands. With the main bus station situated here this is the place where you would get all your transportation needs. Tanah Rata is a place where most of the backpacker’s accommodation and chalets are found. Most of the water fall trails and jungle trekking begin from Tanah Rata.
Cameron Highlands has a lot of facilities for internet and money changers too. Tanah Rata is a nice place to enjoy the best pleasures of Cameron Highlands. It is a very secluded place as compared to Brinchang which is a place where most of the big restaurants and hotels are found.

Then visit Brinchang which is just a little away from Tanah Rata. Around four kilometres from here this is the place where you have the best of restaurants and hotels . There is a night market here which is a great attraction here. It is open every Saturday night and there are the best sights of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other such highlands in these Cameron highlands. It gets very crowded during the holiday season and weekends. Parking problemsand traffic jams prove to be a nightmare here yet the tourist enjoys his stays here.

This is the only town which has a lot of petrol stations which help you to refuel. Then you have a place which is beyond Brinchang where you get to see the Blue Valley. it is here that most of the tour destinations are found. Here the road forks out and leads to the Sungai Palas Tea Plantations. You get a chance to visit the factory and also have a fresh cup of tea. There is a lovely view of the entire plantation. So enjoy the pleasures of the Kea Farm and bask in the delights of a lovely travel locale.

As you go down from the Kea Farm you would b able to see a lot of vegetable farms from here to Tringkap and further ahead. Tringkap is a small community of farming where you get the best sights of stalls along the road. These stalls sell the local produce. Kuala Terla is a place that is around 15 minutes away from the small community of farming. Kampung Raja is actually the last town on the map of Cameron Highlands. This is a gateway to the highlands in the northern side.
Cameron Highlands is  a place that is famous for its beautiful sights, scenic delights and travel luxuries.