Brela Beach Great Experience

Come to the land of Croatia, and enjoy the travel pleasures that this place has to offer. Experience the most pristine surroundings and ideal travel luxury and bask in the pleasures of being in an absolute paradise which is beyond comparison.

Lying to the southern part of the region of Split and to the north of the Makarska resort, Brela Beach is a very beautiful village  in this part of the world. Spanning over six kilometers this is a beautiful beach located in the most virgin ambience. With the white pebbly beach the surrounding greenery of the olive groves, fig trees and the fascinating pine woods give the right setting of being in a travel paradise.

The region of Brela is popular for its magnificent beaches and there are many who believe that this is the most beautiful in the Croatian reign. With the beauty of the white round pebbles dominating the entire place, Brela beach is a one stop wonder in this part of the world. The sight of the gentle wavesof the sea, gently caressing the stones on the beach is a wonderful sight.


With beautiful small coves that dot the entire region, Brela is an enchanting destination for most who visit this part of the world. The sunsets and the sands glimmering in the radiance of the sun, the moonlit beach and the soft winds that blow here all render the tourists weak with ecstasy and he yearns for more in this magical land of pleasurable thrills and memorable travels.

Vrulja is a beautiful cove that is situated a little to the north of Brela and this is a lovely and enchanting cove that is surrounded by high cliffs and a beautifully graveled beach with its clear waters is amazingly enthralling. This is a place that cannot be reached easily and walking is not a very convenient option. The rough terrain, the enchanting landscape and the lovely sights give the right ambience for all the hikers. A perfectly lovely hiker’s paradise this is the place where every adventure enthusiast would certainly love to visit. You have take the option of renting a small motor boat in the Brela beach and enjoy the travel luxury here. A drive with your loved one is a great option in this part of the world. The magnificence and the beauty of the surroundings, is something that you would remain forever. Vrulja is a place that is normally a favourite of all naturalists. Enjoy the swimming facilities here and experience the feeling in being the most virgin surroundings. With perfect beach surroundings, this is one place in Europe who would give you one of the best sights of Croatian beaches. The crystalline water here and the lovely sight of the water overlapping the entire scenery is something that you would cherish and would want to experience over and over again. The stretch of six kilometers gives you al the reasons to bask inn the sun and get tanned and also provides you with a kind of sandy experience which is great wit its gravel and lovely feel.


The Brela town is equally charming with its amazingly tropical greenery and which would give you the right blend of architectural elegance with its old and new constructions.bih-croatia-010

In fact the Brela beach has been given the sixth best beach spot in the Forbes magazine thus attracting tourists from afar. So if you want to see the best beach in Europe and also the best in Croatia, then head for the Brela beach.

Brela Beach in Croatia is one of the most fascinating beaches in this part of Europe.