Best of Brazil for World Cup visitors

It’s time for Brazil this year! Brazil is living and breathing FIFA world cup this year. And that is one of the reasons why Brazil is going to be full of visitors from all over the world. The country is rich in tablelands and canyons of the country’s impressive national parks to a rich culinary pedigree to the living museums of its colonial past. Yes there is another reason why you should visit Brazil. Brazil simply offers a lot of distractions off the pitch.

Now we all know our geography that Brazil is the fifth largest country. A visit here requires focus and advance planning, the latter will be especially important during the World Cup if you intend to make the most of it. So which Brazil do you want to see before and after the matches? Here are some best of Brazil places that you ought to see before you take your leave from the magnificent country. All the best of Brazil feature World Cup host cities along the route. Following them religiously from start to finish isn’t the idea here; rather, attack these trips with a hop-on, hop-off approach, depending on which host cities already play a part in your plans.

This country is rich in biodiversity. There is just lot of nature to see much of it world famous the Amazon, but some of the highlights are not so well known internationally. To start with Foz de Iguaçu, it offers you a break on airfares since it’s not a World Cup host city. This is the place where you will truly admire one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls.

From Foz, it’s a lengthy bus ride on Eucatur to Campo Grande. This is one of the gateways to the Pantanal, Brazil’s ultimate wildlife-watching experience. Here, the wetlands are 20 times the size of Florida’s Everglades. The place is full of exotic wildlife. Go ahead and follow the tracks of Bonito to a Pantanal trip. This is a freshwater crystal clear river. Back in Campo Grande, make your way to Cuiabá. This place is the smallest world cup host city. Here you will get to do outdoor activities like hiking. From there you could fly to Manaus. Here you will get to witness the first ever world cup match in the Amazon jungle. Pick up a cheap hammock there and settle in for the five-day riverboat to Belém for the ultimate waterborne jungle journey. Lastly, do not forget to visit the Amazon city of Belem. This is the most thrilling and food centric places of Brazil.