Basic backpacking tips for traveler

All set for the vacation? Yay! What have you got there? A soggy backpack? Whatever happened to traveling lightly? You must have been at a war with yourself over that doughy backpack, thinking that all that it is carrying is extremely necessary for you. No! That is not the truth and somehow you know it deep down. Now go, get a tiny suitcase, read these backpacking tips and let’s repack!

Now it is obvious that you must have gotten majority of the clothes well ironed. So, in order to see the clothes well ironed, just the way you had seen them back at home, after you reach your destination all you have to do is to roll them instead of folding. The rolling of clothes will not avoid creasing your clothes. Now if you are carrying jackets or sweater, always roll such clothes in a cloth and then place it in the bag. Doing so will cut back on the space that would have been eaten otherwise. Also, always carry your delicates in a sealed plastic bag. Once that is done, place that bag with your jackets and sweater. This way your delicates will not get ruined and also will save up some space for other clothes.


Always carry an extra T shirt; the one which you could possibly wear more than once. Instead of a box for your accessories, carry a pouch. A pouch will consume less space than a box. Still, you want to carry a box, then reduce some clothes. Many a times, just when in need, a pair is of earrings is either lost in the pouch or they get tangled up badly. So to avoid such situation what you can do is use a button to carry the earrings. Just tie your earrings in the loop holes of the button. Tini tiny pins to the same. So to avoid misplacing them, use a small candy box and store all your pins in there.

Do you carry your shoes in shoe boxes? Boy, that will take like half the space of suitcase. Simply carry shoes in shower cap. Always, carry a scarf. See to it that scarf is neutral in color as in it will go on with any dress type. This way you don’t have to carry tons of scarfs matching all the dresses in your suitcase. A simple neutral scarf will help you turn around a simple outfit just like that. And always, always, always, carry your belts rolled up. Also to save up much of space, place these rolled up belts in between shirt collars.

When it comes to carrying liquid, it can be a little tricky. Just be on the safer side, to avoid any spill, add a piece of plastic on all the liquid bottles. Keep coconut oil. It can come in handy. It is a good substitute for moisturizer, makeup remover and after shave. And when it comes to electronic, we all be extremely careful. Any electronic item, be it your I phone or I pad or laptop, you are extra careful. Carry your tiny items like memory card, sim cards in paper bags and keep it in the accessories pouch.