Alberta: Canada’s Western & Skiing Destination


It is not a newly discovered destination that draws your attention but a much known and oft visited place that still holds an old-world charm that you can plan to experience. With layers of different cultures distinctly visible at its helm but held together with a common ethos Alberta is a beautiful rural paradise in Canada. It really gives you the true-blue western feel.

There’s no Hollywood movie going on here, but you can enjoy authentic western living for sometime. So go gallivanting about different museums and cultural centers for a taste of American culture or choose a more outdoorsy holiday and get to camping, fishing, hunting and hiking or skiing. Alberta beckons, with its urban arts at one arm and eclectic farm life on other.

For the wildlife lovers the National Park at Banff is just the beginning. In all there are five such parks in Alberta! You can start with Jasper or Banff and move on to Waterton Lakes or Elk Island. Get your cameras ready as you’ll bump into some of the most stunning locales ever. The Valley of Ten Peaks at the backdrop of Moraine Lake has much been talked of. But there are also lesser known and equally great sites to explore.

A rest before taking off to the world known Rocky Mountains is recommended. You’ll be thrown into the rugged heights that have some of the most towering peaks of the central section of North America. The summers are ideal for hiking through these ranges and the fact that there’s a strong support setup for hikers makes it convenient and enjoyable. For others there are activities like rafting and also horseback riding. If you’d rather take a quiet afternoon off, drive to the riverside spots on the Bow river where you can go fish for trout. There are nice camping grounds and boat launches to get on to the river and try your hand at fly fishing.

You’ll want to do the usual round of covering the known spots that includes the Wood Buffalo national park and Waterton-Glacier International peace park. Banff also has some of the best skiing sites to check out. A weekend here and you’ll probably savor the best of the Alpine adventure that Canada can offer. It also a world heritage site earmarked so by UNESCO. Starting with Nakiska you can go on to Marmot basin that’s located close to Jasper and Sunshine village where skiing down the snow covered slopes is as good as it can get!

One thing you really must do when in Alberta is hop on its Prairie steam trains that take you through the heart of prairie country. You’ll have to board the trains at Stettler. Once you’re back relax at your eco-friendly farm-hotel and watch closely the rural fairs and farm life all made very relaxing with delectable regional cuisine. Back in Alberta there are several important museums like the Galt Museum that shouldn’t be ticked off. Get into the sprawling Heritage park historical village that has the Glenmore reservoir on its edges. There is also the Michelsen farmstead that has an aura dating back to the 19th century, replete with Victorian architecture and landscaping.