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Pleasures from the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is also known by the name of Amazonia and is one of the greatest natural resources in this part of the world. It has vegetation which is responsible for recycling carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. This has thus got the dubious name of Lungs of our Planet. Around 20% of the oxygen in the earth is produced by the amazon_rainforest_carbon_emissions_polluter_72

This rainforest gets its name from the River Amazon and is the lifeline of the rainforest. The River Amazon starts in the Peruvian Andes and then winds its way over the northern part of the South American continent. Then it meets the Atlantic Ocean at a place called Belem in Brazil. The drainage basin has around 2,722,000 million square miles. The River basin lies in the regions of Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the three Guyanas. More than 16% of the world’s water flows into the Atlantic each minute. The Amazon rainforest is thus the world’s best biodiverse zone.
Amazonia has around 9 feet of rain each year. The fact that more than 50% of the water goes back to the atmosphere through the leaves of the trees shows that the Amazon rainforest is a great zone to be in. In the months of October and June, the level of water goes up by around 30 to 45 feet.

Amazon-Rainforest-AnimaldshThe River Amazon flowed into the Pacific some 15 million years ago and then the South American plate moved into another plate. The majestic Andes Mountains then rose up and stopped the flow of the river water. The system of the river turned over, many freshwater lakes were formed and slowly the environment of the Amazon basin started undergoing a change. Then around 10 million years ago The Amazon River started flowing eastwards and started its way through to the Atlantic.

The Amazon rainforest is the main drainage basin for this river. It has many tributaries. The northern half of the continent of South America is like a shallow dish. Around 1,100 tributaries fall into this depression. So the Amazon rainforest has the best of Amazon basin ambience and it is amazing to see the beauty of this basin. This is the largest river system in the world. So you would get the pleasures of the sights of river otters, piranha, river dolphins, turtles, electric eels, and a giant air breathing fish called the pirarcu.


Amazonia covers more than half of the country. This canopy of trees here has more than half of the world’s species. More than 500 mammals, 300 reptiles, and around 175 lizards are found here. It is said that this is a region of more than 30 million insects here.

The competition for existence here is very fierce and so that is the reason there are so many species that have adapted themselves here. Plants catch all the sunlight and convert it into energy and thus help the entire system here.

There are many animals that are found here and these are the harpy eagle, sloth, kinkajous, monkeys, reptiles and other kinds of birds. There are sloths which spend most of their lives on the treetops. With a low nutrition diet the sloth spends around 80% of the life resting. There are leaf cutter ants that are responsible for increasing the harvest of the leaves and this helps to encourage new growth, and also helps to renew the soil.


This Amazon rainforest has four layers of communities. Each of these layers have a special ecosystem, animals, and plants and the tallest layer is a layer where you could get trees as tall as 200 feet. Then there are small leaves here which are covered with a waxy layer and these take advantage of the wind and blow the seeds to all parts of the forest.

The canopy is the mainstay of the rainforest and these have smooth leaves which are oval shaped and they come to a point called the drip tip. This is a system that helps to prevent the growth of mosses, lichens and fungi. The dense leaves help to filter the sunlight.

The forest floor is the lowest layer and has not plants here. Around 2% of the sunlight filters through these leaves. The entire floor is littered with a lot of vegetation.

Thus the Amazon rainforest is filled with the best travel delights and is loaded with the ideal tour experiences.

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